Lagos Concerts 2023 And Where They Are

To all our IJGB, welcome home, we’ve been expecting you. To fellow Lagos residents and nightlife enthusiasts, keep scrolling because in no particular order we are about to rock your December with a banging list of top music concerts this season, featuring your favourite headliners and exciting new artists. So get those shackles off your feet and get ready to dance, dance, dance, because in the wise words of the great philosopher Banky W,  “Ain’t no party like a Lagos party!”

Asake Live 

I think we can all agree that the rise of Asake needs to be studied. From his first-ever music video, it was quite evident that Mr Money with the vibe was here to stay. He oozed the kind of confidence only seasoned artists possess, not newbies like himself at the time. 

The Lonely At The Top  crooner apparently isn’t so lonely anymore. Asake, who’s rumored to be in a relationship, is set to take center-stage on 25th December, ready to stun his thousands of fans with his dance moves and all time hits. 

Cavemen Live

Do you love highlife music? If yes, The Cavemen concert in Lagos on 29th of December should be on your list of to-dos this festive season. The sibling duo were discovered by Lady Donli and are well known for their exciting live performances. The intensity with which they deliver their craft is evidence that the art of great music is not dead. The Cavemen are back this Christmas to give you yet another sensational concert this December. Come and experience a new flavour of musical performance in ‘the cave’ on the 29th and feel alright!

Davido Live 

Riddle me this: What is December without a Davido concert? You guessed it—boring! Although we will not be getting a Wizkid concert in 2023, the 30BG award-winning artiste is set to rock on 24th December 2023. Don’t be told about it, be there! Get your tickets NOW!

The Jiggy Concert

Producer-turned-musician Young Jonn has been on his game and doesn’t seem to be slacking anytime soon. So prepare to witness what we hope will be as magical a performance as his music, when Young Jonn takes centre-stage at The Palms, Lagos on 17th December 2023. This headline concert is the ultimate prelude to his forthcoming album and you’re invited to be a part of the excitement!

Kizz Daniel Live

We’re not really sure why you’re reading this and expecting a write-up convincing you about an artist who named an album of his  ‘No Bad Songz’, and has the effrontery to be very right because, Kizz Daniel?! Has none. Zilch. Zero. Nada. Not one bad song. Haters will disagree and say that’s incorrect but well, to each his own. However there’s no denial that the Buga crooner has put in a timeline worthy of back-to-back hit songs, and it is only fitting to say we don’t expect anything mediocre from his live concert on December 23 at the Eko Convention Center, Victoria Island, Lagos. It is what we hope to be a night of fantastic music and great party vibes.

Rhythm Unplugged

Flytime Fest 2023, Coca-Cola and Rhythm unplugged altogether will be bringing to you 19 years worth of the best of live music and entertainment. Buckle up, it’s about to be a litty December with the lineup this Lagos concert offers. On the 21st of December we are getting our dancing shoes on and ready to go, because this sure is one event to anticipate. 

One Night Stand with Adekunle Gold

Yeah the title made us look twice too, no it isn’t what we were all initially thinking….or is it? 

Like us, if you’re also anticipating what Urban highlife sensation, Adekunle Gold, is up to in his Lagos concert One Night Stand this December, we will be at The Convention Centre, Federal Palace Hotel in Victoria Island, Lagos, camera ready, eyes alert and holding down the fort for you. Amongst all other things, we know that on December 26th, Adekunle Gold alongside the 79th Element Band will once again thrill fans with electric performances as bold as their concert name. 

Sincerely, BNXN

Sincerely? Yes. On December 18th at The Palms Lagos, BNXN will be hosting his very own live concert this December. If you haven’t heard any of the hit maker’s songs, please do so then you’d understand when we tell you ‘you need to be there!’’. Mark your calendar, schedule an Uber in advance, break up with your man if he isn’t a fan, block your girl if chances are that she’ll be upset on BNXN’s concert day. Whatever you need to do to make sure you are right there by 5pm, do it. No pressure.

Omah Lay Unplugged

Occupants of Lagos were recently informed of other music genres that are much more relevant than Afrobeats, thanks Burna boy, but have you heard of Afro-depression? Apparently that’s the wave Omah Lay is on.

Just kidding. The title was not self acclaimed. The singer songwriter’s style of music is known by fans to be moody or thought-provoking hence the title. Omah Lay in a recent interview with Wunmi Bello was quick to accept the title, saying that  ‘Afro depression is a vibe’. He further explained that he is very open to accepting tags so long as people remain positively receptive to his music.

Join the boy who will be not so alone for what we expect to be an unforgettable night of stellar performances this December 16th at The Palms Lagos

The vibe of the year

On Monday the 18th of December, DJ Consequence is set to host The Vibe Of The Year.  The award winning Disco Jockey and musician is one of the most sought out creatives in his industry, save the date and come to find out why. 

An Intimate Night with Adekunle Gold

Let’s end the year well. 22nd December, my stage, my playground – AG Baby shared in one of his most recent posts.

Controversial nature of the names of his Lagos concerts aside, we don’t question the artist that is Adekunle Gold. His previous performances show that he’s an expert in bringing it all to the stage and leaving no crumbs, so you really don’t want to be told about this one. Grab your girl, or your man and make this concert a romantic date night to remember this December.

Palm Wine Fest

We are not sure what thrills us the most- the presence of our locally sourced sweet palm wine drink or the palm wine music festival itself! 

Save the date because on the 23rd of December, Show Dem Camp will be taking Lagos by storm. You can only imagine how colorful and vibrant this festival will be, not to mention the assurance of our local alcoholic beverage to keep hearts merry and feet dancing all night long.

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