What Does Your Favourite Cocktail Say?


Are you naughty or nice? Find out what your favourite cocktail says about you! Here we unearth 10 different cocktails and analyse the possible personalities of those who love them. Let’s find out which is yours!


Sophisticated, Conservative

Old-fashioned is usually preferred by someone of refined taste, who values depth of flavour and the simplicity of a properly made drink. They may be classified as traditionalists who enjoy history and are unlikely to conform to change. They prefer vintage-style furniture and clothing, and appreciate classic works of art, music, and literature. These people may be self-assured, educated folks who are aware of their needs and how to satisfy them. Old-fashioned cocktail enthusiasts might be sophisticated and elegant to a certain extent, and value the better things in life. Can you relate?




A Daiquiri lover is daring, with a gutsy spirit that enjoys a challenge. They’re independent, charming, pleasant and lively. Fans of rumbased cocktails exhibit a youthful mentality and enjoy living to the fullest. They might enjoy travelling, discovering new places, and immersing themselves in various cultures and experiences. They might be open to trying new things and exploring novel concepts. Is this you?


Social and Friendly

Margarita enthusiasts might be categorised as people who enjoy hanging out with a crowd and having fun. They are bold, self-assured people who know how to have a good time and aren’t afraid to take chances. They enjoy trying out different foods and beverages, travelling, and learning about other cultures. They are social people who are impulsive and easygoing, and enjoy being the centre of attention. They enjoy doing new things and getting to know new people. People with a positive outlook on life and a sense of adventure frequently enjoy them. Do you dare to be a Magaritian

Piña Colada

Relaxed and Easy-going

These outdoorsy people may be thought of as those who appreciate a breezy, tropical setting. As pineapple and coconut are found together in Piña Coladas, they might have a penchant for sweet and fruity flavours. Drinkers of Piña Colada may value a relaxed and leisurely way of life, as the cocktail is more frequently associated with holidays at the beach.

Whiskey Sour

Traditional and Independent Thinkers

A delicious Whiskey Sour is cherished by someone who values tradition and the finer things in life. Typically, they are well-educated, affluent people who appreciate the complexity and depth of flavour inherent in a well-made whiskey sour. While trendy beverages and fads come and go, Whiskey Sour lovers may be independent thinkers. They don’t hesitate to deviate from the standard because they are comfortable with their own interests and preferences.


Bold and Complex

The Negroni is preferred by people with sophisticated palates who value the interaction of flavours in a well-made drink. They are bold and fearless, as the cocktail’s bitter undertones might take some getting used to. They are self-assured people who prefer to experiment and take risks. They are well-educated and well-travelled, with a high level of appreciation for the better things in life, culture and the arts.


Independent and Expressive

Martini drinkers are self-sufficient, assured persons who are aware of their wants and how to obtain them. They may be perceived as aggressive, with a no-nonsense outlook on life, and straightforward in their communication. They enjoy reading, discussing ideas with others, the arts, music and literature.

Sex on the Beach

Flirty and Sarcastic

People who approach life with a sense of humour and playfulness, and who aren’t afraid to embrace their sensual side are more likely to choose Sex on the Beach. They are extroverts who love being the centre of attention. They might be impulsive and easygoing, and they love doing new things and getting to know new people. They are self-assured and at ease in their own skin, because the name of the cocktail and its fruity flavour allude to a degree of sexual emancipation and openness.

Long Island

Rebellious and Daring

Long Island lovers are strong, self-assured people who know how to have a good time and aren’t afraid to take chances. Occasionally, they might risk breaking the law and have a rebellious streak. They can be impulsive and easygoing, and they love doing new things and getting to know new people.


Creative and Laid-Back

Mojito lovers are laid-back people who value quality time with loved ones. They might adore the outdoors and nature and cherish time spent in the sunlight, the distinct flavour profile of the mojito shows a willingness to try new things and explore new ideas, suggesting that those who drink them may also have a creative and adventurous side.

They are typically preferred by people with a relaxed and easygoing outlook on life.

Not sure how to classify yourself yet? Head over to Turaka Rooftop Restaurant in EbonyLife Place and try out amazing classic and signature cocktails guaranteed to blow your mind. Our vast cocktail menu is sure to satisfy whatever palate you come with, so get ready to sip and savour- whether you are saying cheers to a fun weekend, want to celebrate a get together, or you simply want to have a drink that matches your personality – we definitely got you covered for all occasions.

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Best Date Night Ideas In Lagos

Read more to discover the best date night ideas in Lagos!

A date night is a great chance to spend some quality time with your partner, away from everyday activity. When considering plans for a date, it is important to take your partner’s interests and preferences into account. Is he/she a foodie that enjoys trying out new restaurants? Or would they prefer to watch movies at the cinema? 

Remember that the ideal setting for a date night doesn’t have to be expensive or ‘perfect’; rather it should be wherever you both can feel comfortable, communicate easily and spend quality time together.

This article will look at some of the best activities to engage your significant other on a date that will make the evening remarkable for both of you.  


Beach Dates 


Beach dates at night are especially romantic, with a light, picnic- style dinner, the perfect ocean view, cool sand under your feet and twinkling stars above you. This is an ideal date for a good first impression with someone you really care about and want to get to know better. At Landmark Beach, Good Beach or Oniru Beach, you can indulge in various activities, including volleyball, outdoor table games, boat cruises, paintballing and long walks along the shore.

Gaming Spots

If you are looking for a more upbeat and fun activity, we’d suggest a gaming centre. You and your partner can choose a game that you both like – you could compete against each other or team up and play against another couple. To make it interesting, let the losing team purchase  drinks or snacks for the winning team after a series of games.

Experience gaming in Victoria Island at the VR Place, with an array of exciting activities. The VR Place creates immersive virtual reality experiences, combining technology and art in VR platforms. It cuts across different age groups giving users maximum perception in a way that defies existence. With over 100 games and a good restaurant, Rufus & Bee is another great date night spot, just minutes away from several beaches in Oniru. 

Dining Out

Have an elegant and quiet evening in each other’s company at any of the excellent restaurants in Lagos. Jinja is an Asian-themed restaurant that offers an exquisitely decorated dining room, which is considered a top instagrammable spot in Lagos. At  Jinja Restaurant, you not only get the aesthetics, you also get great food and excellent service. They offer a sophisticated dining experience and an Asian-inspired menu that has a vast variety of food options combining what you might get in a Chinese restaurant, Thai restaurant or Japanese restaurant anywhere in Lagos. 

Park Hangouts 

Park hangouts are popular with couples who enjoy spending time outside, engaging with others in the environment and participating in leisure activities. These include: night picnics, playing games, taking a walk, bike riding, attending concerts, or watching outdoor, big-screen movies.

Muri Okunola Park in Victoria Island is one of the popular parks in Lagos. It has lovely sculptures, lush grass, flowers and palms, and is suitable for hosting parties, picnics and creating content. A date in the park can be a lot of fun with the right company. Take advantage of the great outdoors for a vibrant night out. 

Late Night Movies 

One of the pros of late-night movie dates is the lower number of people usually in the screening rooms. This way, you get to experience a more private and intimate time with your partner. A movie can be an effective way to date someone new, because the movie can act as a topic for conversation afterward. Without the stress of having to think of something to say or do, it is also a relaxing and low-stress way to spend time with someone you already know. These dates may be a fun and interesting way to discover new movies and genres that you would not have otherwise watched. 

EbonyLife Cinemas is a superb destination to experience luxury and unwind with thrilling blockbuster movies in Lagos. They have a wide variety of food and drinks, such as chocolate, salted and sweet popcorn flavours; asun and chicken pies; a Chops Box, Chicken Wrap, yoghurt parfait, carrot cake, cocktails, wine, beer, and so much more. Also, you can order four different pizza flavours from Jinja Garden, and have it delivered to your seat in 20 minutes.

All screening rooms come with wide, reclining armchairs and adjustable leg rests. For group dates, there is a VIP private cinema for 6-10 couples that offers: a movie and screening time of your choosing,  unlimited popcorn and drinks throughout the movie, blankets, a 2-course meal, cocktails or mocktails. 

Dancing Spots 

Club dates are often an exciting way to let go, let some steam off, and have a good time. 

However, it’s not the best recommendation if  you and your partner are still getting to know each other. If you and your date both enjoy dancing and the nightlife, club dates can be a fun and exciting way to spend some time together. It can be one of the best ways to relax and have fun with others, while exposing you to a different social environment than you might be accustomed to. 

Quilox Nightclub & Bar, located in Victoria Island, is one of Nigeria’s elite spots, with its impeccable design, stunning decor and lighting, and  hospitality.

Dinner with a View

If you and your date are into exploring traditional cuisine at picturesque locations, a rooftop experience might be the perfect place to discover authentic local flavours.

Turaka rooftop restaurant offers a wide variety of local and international dishes, carefully crafted signature cocktails, weekly live music, and an amazing view of the Atlantic Ocean and Lagos skyline. The dreamy views are certain to leave you and your date with a feeling that all’s right with the world, and it’s the ideal romantic setting for getting lost in each other’s company.

Enjoy beautiful views that will elevate your date. If you arrive by 6:00 pm, you can sip on refreshing cocktails, and watch the changing colours of the sky as the sun goes down and the city lights begin to sparkle – all from the comfort of your balcony seat. 

Date nights are extremely essential for building and maintaining healthy relationships. Make unforgettable memories, as you explore new, fun locations in Lagos. On this list, there is something for everyone – so get out there and experiment for your upcoming date night!

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