Why Seafood Lovers Will Live Longer Than Meat Lovers

Why Seafood Lovers Will Live Longer Than Meat Lovers

Excessive consumption of red meat may trigger certain types of cancer, such as colon cancer. Red meat contains saturated fat, which increases the risk of heart disease and other health problems – MedicalNewsToday. Over the course of eight years, people who increase their daily intake of red meat are more likely to die, compared to people who do not increase their red meat consumption – hsps.harvard.edu.

Are you shocked yet?

Our internet in-laws would say that even with the emergence of online medical practitioners such as aproko doctor who is one of the prominent Twitter & Instagram food police, the impact of people’s food choices on their health can never be gravely overemphasised. In this blog post, we will delve into some thought-provoking facts that will help you decide if the conclusions of this article may or may not be true.

Firstly, why invest in that facial cream? Eat more shrimps instead. Seafood lovers look considerably younger than meat lovers because most seafood has been proven to contain antioxidants that slow down the aging process of people who consume them regularly – healthline.com 

why seafood lovers will live longer than meat lovers

And have you ever heard of the saying,  ‘seafood is the heart’s best friend’? Eating approximately one or two 3-ounce servings of fatty fish each week—salmon, herring, mackerel, anchovies, or sardines—reduces the risk of dying from heart disease by 36% – seafood nutrition.org. Medical experts have strongly advised that people should eat fatty fish once or twice a week to meet their Omega-3 requirements. So if you ever need that one food type that will look after your heart, you should try seafood.

why seafood lovers will live longer than meat lovers

There is a risk of experiencing dementia as one gets older, but this is less true for seafood lovers. Seafood contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which help to maintain healthy brain cells, improving memory focus and cognitive performance. Research has shown that an intake of 25 grams of processed meat each day may increase the relative risk of developing dementia –  medicalnewstoday.com

why seafood lovers will live longer than meat lovers

Lastly but very importantly, why spend so much on weight loss supplements when you can easily afford seafood? Seafood is a high source of protein and low calories. Regular consumption of seafood and steady exercise could increase your metabolism effortlessly, aiding in general weight loss and bodyweight maintenance – healthline.com

why seafood lovers will live longer than meat lovers

It is evident that seafood lovers have a lot to gain health-wise. Whenever you consume seafood, you are not just indulging in a taste adventure but nurturing your health from the inside-out.

If you decide to begin or just want excellent options to continue your journey to healthier eating, we suggest Turaka or Jinja restaurants in Victoria Island, Lagos. These great spots serve the most delicious, fresh and juicy seafood dishes for Asian, local and international cuisine . Have a go and let us know about your experience!

After all that’s been said, what’s your go-to option—seafood or meat?  Tell us in the comments section.

Top African Dishes You Must Try And Why

Nigeria stands undefeated as one of the African countries with the widest range of top African dishes you must try whenever you’re in town. Most Nigerian cuisine consists of meals bursting with intense flavours that will make your taste buds come alive. Do you want to explore but not quite sure what and where to begin? Sit back, fasten your belt while we take you through top african dishes you must try and why.

Jollof Rice

Top African Dishes You Must Try And Why

This dish is the perfect non-literal example of the saying ‘to each his own’. Virtually every African country has their version, but it might interest you to know that even with the rivalry between Nigeria and Ghana about “who makes the best jollof rice”, this dish did not originate from any of them. Yes, it’s funny.

Nevertheless, Jollof rice is probably the number one dish in African homes and celebrations. Its popularity that earned it that position on the list is not just a hype- the dish is specially made with well cooked rice, stirred in tomato sauce and a flavorful combo of veggies and spices that brings out the smoky aroma in it. 

My recommendation for you will be the Nigerian Jollof rice cooked with firewood, your palate will give you a hug and your tongue will sing songs.

Pounded Yam

Top African Dishes You Must Try And Why

Pounded yam became a viral internet sensation a few years back when some YouTubers discovered the meal. It is a smooth and stretchy mould enjoyed with all Nigerian soups. Before this dish found internet fame, even locally the ability to make any soup a star dish has given Pounded yam a 5-star rating in the community of other ‘swallows’. Paired with Efo riro, Afang soup, Egusi soup, Okro soup etc, Pounded yam always delivers in taste exactly what it should.


Top African Dishes You Must Try And Why

Suya! Some would argue that a properly prepared Suya is done only at night, in the open air and wrapped in an old newspaper with sprinkles of Suya pepper and veggies hugging the juicy, tender meat tightly. Many have questioned the reason why this particular meal is mostly sold at night, but again some of the others who have bought this meat in the daytime say it tastes different. It might just be a cultural preference in Nigeria, or a superstition, no one knows. However Suya is chosen to be prepared, this dish is unarguably a unifier of tribes.

Pepper soup

Top African Dish You Must Try And Why

If you have a delicate palate, Pepper soup will give you a new appreciation for life- so it’s best to avoid it. This hot and spicy Nigerian soup is prepared with different kinds of proteins according to your preference- fish, chicken, or goat meat pepper with chunks of yam cut into it as an option. The soup is a combination of spices, including ginger, garlic, and chilli peppers. The intensity of this flavourful dish has made it somewhat of a challenge for most foreigners. Are you willing to try this adventurous meal yourself?

Moi Moi

Top African Dishes You Must Try And Why

Here’s another yummy and satisfying Nigerian meal for first timers. This tasty meal is made from beans grinded to a fine texture mixed with peppers, onions, spices, and sometimes garnished on the inside with fish or egg. The mixture is then wrapped in banana leaves or foil and steamed until firm. Moi Moi can be eaten on its own, it can also be served as a side dish with Pap,  Jollof rice or fried plantains in Nigerian homes, parties and restaurants. 

Chin Chin

Top African Dishes You Must Try And Why

Chin Chin is a sweet and crunchy Nigerian snack made with flour, sugar, and butter rolled into small pieces and deep-fried until golden brown.The sweetness and crunch of Chin Chin makes it a great snack option. It is usually served alone or alongside puff puff, spring roll commonly referred to as small chops at Nigerian parties.

Egusi soup

Top African Dishes You Must Try And Why

Egusi soup is made from crushed melon seeds and a variety of spices, dried fish, stock fish, veggies and palm oil.   It can be enjoyed as a lone meal, or paired with Pounded yam, Fufu, Wheat flour or any of your preferred swallow. Try this meal out on your next visit to Nigeria and let us know what you think!


Top African Dishes You Must Try And Why

Locally known as Akara, Beans cake is that one meal without a rival in Nigerian homes, especially during breakfast on weekends. This tasty snack is made from beans, grinded to a certain texture with onions, and spices formed into balls and deep fried. It is typically served with bread or as a side dish with pap and custard. This meal promises a satisfying experience especially during a rainy Saturday morning.

Seafood Okro soup

Top African Dishes You Must Try And Why

If you are a lover of delicious soups with a taste of the ocean’s bounty, then you should try the Naija Seafood Okra. This soup is specially prepared with vegetables steamed in Okra, garnished with prawns and a wide variety of fishes. Usually served with pounded yam or fufu, this meal will leave your taste buds anticipating the next encounter.


Top African Dishes You Must Try And Why

The last on the list is a not-so popular Nigerian dish called Ekpa-nkukwo. This sounds like a tongue-twister but the taste of this special meal is magical. It is prepared with freshly grated cocoyam, wrapped in leafy greens and slowly stirred with various types of fresh or smoked meat, fish, crayfish and other spices. On special request, it can be made to please the taste buds of a vegetarian or a seafood lover. 

Nigeria offers a wide range of delicious and diverse dishes. Every dish is a unique tasty experience that embodies the rich food culture of Nigeria. If you are in Lagos, looking for great restaurants in Victoria Island, head on to Turaka rooftop and The White Orchid Hotel restaurants in EbonyLife Place in Victoria Island to experience the diversity of the Nigerian food culture in a hygienic, serene environment.

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What Does Your Favourite Cocktail Say?


Are you naughty or nice? Find out what your favourite cocktail says about you! Here we unearth 10 different cocktails and analyse the possible personalities of those who love them. Let’s find out which is yours!


Sophisticated, Conservative

Old-fashioned is usually preferred by someone of refined taste, who values depth of flavour and the simplicity of a properly made drink. They may be classified as traditionalists who enjoy history and are unlikely to conform to change. They prefer vintage-style furniture and clothing, and appreciate classic works of art, music, and literature. These people may be self-assured, educated folks who are aware of their needs and how to satisfy them. Old-fashioned cocktail enthusiasts might be sophisticated and elegant to a certain extent, and value the better things in life. Can you relate?




A Daiquiri lover is daring, with a gutsy spirit that enjoys a challenge. They’re independent, charming, pleasant and lively. Fans of rumbased cocktails exhibit a youthful mentality and enjoy living to the fullest. They might enjoy travelling, discovering new places, and immersing themselves in various cultures and experiences. They might be open to trying new things and exploring novel concepts. Is this you?


Social and Friendly

Margarita enthusiasts might be categorised as people who enjoy hanging out with a crowd and having fun. They are bold, self-assured people who know how to have a good time and aren’t afraid to take chances. They enjoy trying out different foods and beverages, travelling, and learning about other cultures. They are social people who are impulsive and easygoing, and enjoy being the centre of attention. They enjoy doing new things and getting to know new people. People with a positive outlook on life and a sense of adventure frequently enjoy them. Do you dare to be a Magaritian

Piña Colada

Relaxed and Easy-going

These outdoorsy people may be thought of as those who appreciate a breezy, tropical setting. As pineapple and coconut are found together in Piña Coladas, they might have a penchant for sweet and fruity flavours. Drinkers of Piña Colada may value a relaxed and leisurely way of life, as the cocktail is more frequently associated with holidays at the beach.

Whiskey Sour

Traditional and Independent Thinkers

A delicious Whiskey Sour is cherished by someone who values tradition and the finer things in life. Typically, they are well-educated, affluent people who appreciate the complexity and depth of flavour inherent in a well-made whiskey sour. While trendy beverages and fads come and go, Whiskey Sour lovers may be independent thinkers. They don’t hesitate to deviate from the standard because they are comfortable with their own interests and preferences.


Bold and Complex

The Negroni is preferred by people with sophisticated palates who value the interaction of flavours in a well-made drink. They are bold and fearless, as the cocktail’s bitter undertones might take some getting used to. They are self-assured people who prefer to experiment and take risks. They are well-educated and well-travelled, with a high level of appreciation for the better things in life, culture and the arts.


Independent and Expressive

Martini drinkers are self-sufficient, assured persons who are aware of their wants and how to obtain them. They may be perceived as aggressive, with a no-nonsense outlook on life, and straightforward in their communication. They enjoy reading, discussing ideas with others, the arts, music and literature.

Sex on the Beach

Flirty and Sarcastic

People who approach life with a sense of humour and playfulness, and who aren’t afraid to embrace their sensual side are more likely to choose Sex on the Beach. They are extroverts who love being the centre of attention. They might be impulsive and easygoing, and they love doing new things and getting to know new people. They are self-assured and at ease in their own skin, because the name of the cocktail and its fruity flavour allude to a degree of sexual emancipation and openness.

Long Island

Rebellious and Daring

Long Island lovers are strong, self-assured people who know how to have a good time and aren’t afraid to take chances. Occasionally, they might risk breaking the law and have a rebellious streak. They can be impulsive and easygoing, and they love doing new things and getting to know new people.


Creative and Laid-Back

Mojito lovers are laid-back people who value quality time with loved ones. They might adore the outdoors and nature and cherish time spent in the sunlight, the distinct flavour profile of the mojito shows a willingness to try new things and explore new ideas, suggesting that those who drink them may also have a creative and adventurous side.

They are typically preferred by people with a relaxed and easygoing outlook on life.

Not sure how to classify yourself yet? Head over to Turaka Rooftop Restaurant in EbonyLife Place and try out amazing classic and signature cocktails guaranteed to blow your mind. Our vast cocktail menu is sure to satisfy whatever palate you come with, so get ready to sip and savour- whether you are saying cheers to a fun weekend, want to celebrate a get together, or you simply want to have a drink that matches your personality – we definitely got you covered for all occasions.

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