Why Ghana Jollof Rice Is More Popular In Nigeria


“Ghana Jollof rice in Nigeria? You can’t be serious.” 

We are. The rivalry between Ghana and Nigeria for the bragging rights to the best seasoned rice is an old one – and a clear winner is yet to emerge. Neutrals tend to like one or the other, or both, so this may drag on for quite a while.

The recent popularity of Ghana Jollof in Nigeria is new and, to be honest, quite alarming. It begs so many questions. Did we finally have the texture, taste and consistency of both Nigeria and Ghana Jollof rice compared, tasted and rated by top culinary experts? Have Ghanaians invaded Nigeria en masse, bringing their cuisine with them? Or have Nigerians thrown in the towel and accepted defeat?

Fun-fact: Neither Ghana nor Nigeria should be credited with the origin of Jollof rice  – the dish didn’t even originate in either country.

In fact, the popularity of Ghana Jollof rice in Nigeria can be attributed to Twitter. Did you know that there have been over 100,000 tweets about the rivalry? Since the instigation of this topic on Twitter, there has been a rise in the awareness of Ghana’s version of Jollof Rice in Nigeria. Apparently, the Ghanaian version is preferred by some notable Naija celebrities who have voiced their opinions in hushed tones, to avoid the mouth of online Nigerian tweeps. However, the most adamant Nigerians are sticking to their guns in defence of their motherland’s version.

We can only conclude that the ‘war’ over which country has the best Jollof rice won’t be resolved anytime soon. It will continue well into the future and may be passed down to generations unborn.

We look forward to reading banter between the two armies of fanatics and hope that it stays friendly. However, if you are craving Naija firewood Jollof Rice, we recommend a great rooftop restaurant in Victoria Island called Turaka. They offer a variety of yummy local and international dishes, carefully crafted signature cocktails, weekly live music, and an amazing view of the Atlantic Ocean and Lagos skyline

After a dose of their Smoky Jollof Rice, you may feel sufficiently confident to wade into battle and defend Nigeria’s honour.

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